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Learn about the health benefits of sport and how to choose one that is right for you!

Believe me, sport comes to add to your life and make your days more fun . Below, we list several sports for you to get to know them and choose the one that suits you best. In addition, we brought 4 benefits that they provide for your well-being . Keep reading and check it out!

Find a sport to call your own

There are many sports that can be part of your routine, helping to strengthen your health and improve your self-esteem . Meet the main ones.


Swimming is considered one of the most complete sports . That’s because, while working the cardio respiratory function, the modality also trains several muscle groups. And swimming still contributes to the good development of motor coordination and social skills.

As water is denser than air, the force performed is greater than in open air. Therefore, there is an increase in endurance and muscle toning. However, it is worth noting that it is also suitable for those who need low impact activity. Water aerobics, for example, is ideal for those who want to strengthen their spine.

walk and run

Walking is one of the simplest sports to practice , as it does not require any skills and can be practiced anywhere. It helps to strengthen the performance of the heart valves, thus improving the body’s oxygenation and the circulation of hemoglobin — a protein found inside the red blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen.

In addition to the body, mental health benefits from walking, as it reduces the risk of attention and memory problems. If practiced during the day, you still have the benefit of sunbathing!

Running requires a greater intensity, however, it also brings several benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and, of course, weight loss.

However, we cannot stop there, as this modality offers many advantages for the body, such as:

  •  improved sleep quality : after performing this exercise, the body begins to release endorphins, a substance responsible for providing a feeling of pleasure, which helps the body to relax and, consequently, improves the quality of sleep;
  •  combating depression: in addition to endorphins, these exercises also release serotonin (happy hormone) and norepinephrine (a hormone that helps regulate concentration, mood and memory), which act in our body as antidepressants;
  •  memory improvement: these exercises stimulate the production of new neurons in the brain, especially in the hippocampus, which is responsible for the formation of new memories;
  •  increased disposition and physical conditioning: both running and walking make muscles stronger and more resistant. In addition, they stimulate the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, making the cardiovascular system work more efficiently.
  •  blood pressure control: walking and running help regulate the sympathetic nervous system (part of the nervous system that includes vessel constriction), increasing the production of nitric oxide (a molecule that helps blood vessels expand, allowing oxygen and nutrients flow freely through the body). With this, the arteries relax and there is a greater control of blood pressure;
  •  reducing the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack: these exercises enhance the functioning of the network of blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen to the muscles, improving health in several aspects. This reduces the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, among others.


Weight training helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body, because with the practice of this sport, metabolism accelerates and muscle mass increases. With this, there is a favoring of caloric expenditure, which occurs even when you are not moving.

In addition, this exercise increases bone density. This means your bones get stronger, which reduces your chances of developing osteoporosis in the future and even lowers your risk of fractures.

It is also worth mentioning that weight training strengthens cardio respiratory action and reduces blood glucose and cholesterol levels, since they are directly linked to heart disease.

cross fit

Rich in high-intensity exercises, cross fit is great for those looking for high performance , physical conditioning and weight loss. In addition, it improves flexibility, helping with everyday tasks.

beach tennis

Intense movement on uneven ground, as in beach tennis, helps to increase caloric expenditure due to the effort made by the leg muscles. In addition, during physical activity, there is a great demand on muscle groups. With that, they are strengthened.

Finally, it is worth noting that beach tennis encourages quick thinking, since decision-making needs to be done quickly so as not to lose the dynamics of the game. It even encourages interaction between people and, consequently, helps to make new friends.

Sport benefits

You can only gain from playing sports, both in physical and mental health. To convince you of this, we have separated the main benefits that these physical activities provide. Follow up!

1. Reduces stress

By keeping your body active, your mind pushes away those negative thoughts that affect your emotions — especially if you have very stressful days at work and even at home.

This happens because during the practice of physical activity, endorphins are released in your body . This substance is responsible for controlling good mood and relaxation. Thus, you feel less stress in your day to day.

2. Increases self-confidence

As your stamina and strength increase, you will feel much better, especially when you look in the mirror. With that comes self-confidence, which reflects on both your personal and professional life. When this happens, you feel much more determination and confidence in your decision making.

3. Improves concentration

Our bodies can age and lose mobility over the years — and that’s perfectly normal. However, mental abilities can be protected as time passes, and an efficient way to do this is by playing sports, as it increases concentration and aids in boosting memory .

4. Increases fitness and endurance

Resistance and physical conditioning are part of the life of those who practice sports routinely. That’s because this type of exercise strengthens the muscles and improves cardio respiratory health . Thus, the heart can work better, which helps to prevent the emergence of diseases.

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