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How collaborative software increases home office efficiency 

Have you faced difficulties in organizing internal processes during the home office ? The truth is that many professionals were not used to this type of work.

The changes that have taken place in recent times have impacted both professional and personal life. And, as everyone is carrying out their activities at home, it is almost impossible for these two worlds not to meet. How to have the same concentration with children at home? How to maintain quality and charge productivity if, in many cases, employees do not even have an adequate space to work? Complicated, as the lack of organization or integration of information from a single sector can harm the company as a whole. And if managing a team is already a big challenge, doing it remotely becomes even more so. However, technology is full of possibilities to collaborate with this scenario, as is the case of collaborative software. Have you heard about it?

groupware , as it is also known, can be the solution to enhance telework while maintaining the usual efficiency . Let’s explain how this powerful tool helps to modify this scenario and reorganize the internal flow. Check out!

After all, what is collaborative software?

A collaborative software is a platform that allows you to organize the entire work routine by integrating and improving communication between sectors. You know those issues you’ve been having trouble managing remotely? A groupware can be very useful to help in the restructuring of your processes . The main objective of this type of system is to make it easier for both managers and teams to keep track of what needs to be done and by whom. What is the progress of the activity and how should they proceed until the activity is completed. All this in real time.

In the case where an employee needs to complete a step for another to follow up, there is a way to verify exactly at which stage the activity is stopped. All this thanks to the various existing features. As is the case of the possibility of sharing files that can be edited simultaneously and facilitate the execution of projects that involve more than one person.

With this, there is greater agility and fluidity, since an employee does not have to wait for the other to send the most updated version of the file. And with the different routines of employees during the home office, this can be a big difference. Because it is possible to monitor the company’s operations and ensure a more detailed view of the progress of activities.

In more complete systems, such as the case of Fluig, from TOTVS , for example, it is even possible to integrate with an ERP already used in the company. In addition to organizing the day-to-day of employees, it is certain that all the essential data for carrying out projects are available to anyone who needs it, whenever it is.

A groupware is also an excellent tool for creating closeness.

Collaborative software may also offer other features such as video conferencing and chats . With this, the lost proximity with the new reality is regained. And managers, for example, can be closer to their employees, even far away.

And as much as it may not seem like it, just as you miss following your team’s routine in person, many of your employees may be feeling it. As we said above, working remotely is new to many.

It’s probably a very different routine than what everyone was used to before being directed to their homes. And being in the same space, the professionals were able to go to their workstation to ask questions, ask questions and exchange more strategic information.

There is no denying that this new reality has had an impact on everyone. Relying on the support of tools that strengthen professional relationships  and reorganize the flow of operations is essential. This ensures continuity of operations without compromising the productivity of departments.

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